Welcome to the GLCVB

The Gay & Lesbian Convention & Visitors Bureau (GLCVB) is a group of some of the most progressive and gay-friendly destinations in the world. GLCVB partners all have active outreach programs to welcome LGBT travellers as well as personnel policies that recognize the important roles their gay and lesbian employees play in promoting their destinations.
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Learn More about GLCVB Partner Destinations

Meetings and Conventions

GLCVB partners welcome LGBT groups, meetings and conventions. If you have a group, please consider holding your next meeting in one of our partner destinations. Each destination page contains a link to their website which contains information about planning a meeting.

GLCVB Partners

To be part of the GLCVB, our CVBs and Tourism Offices have shown a commitment to support the LGBT community through their personnel policies and inclusive outreach.

Learn More

To learn more about the GLCVB, or if you would like information about being a GLCVB partner, please visit CMI’s GLCVB information page.

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